"Why pay more to park in Center City?"

Parking for the day or the month?  No problem!

Convention Center Parking is the home of the best "Early Bird" rate in the city.   We also offer the best monthly parking rates you'll find anywhere!

Not sure how long you'll be?  No problem!  Buy a "12-pack" of coupons for only $108!  Coupons are valid for twelve 24-hour parks!

Daily Parking Rates*

Monday - Friday:

Early Bird Special -  In by 9am, out by midnight 

First half hour:

In after 4pm, out by midnight (Monday - Friday):

Up to one hour:

Up to one and a half hours:

Max rate (over one half hour up to 24 hours):

Saturday & Sunday:

Flat Rate (from arrival to midnight):

Overnight (up to 24 hours)

Monthly Parking Rates**:



CCP offers seven-day-a-week discounted rates for patrons of:

Hahnemann Hospital
Drexel students

& more!

*Rates include all taxes and fees.  Rates Do NOT include discounted price.  Discounted rate will be given upon checkout.

**Monthly parking rates are dependent on vehicle size and space availability.  Terms of monthly parking range from first day of month to last day of month.  Customers can sign up between the first and fifth day of corresponding month.  CCP does not participate in any "auto-pay" programs for monthly parking.